Hypnosis for stress reduction. Studies have shown that almost 80% of physical and psychological problems are stress related.

"Hypnosis is the most potent non-pharmacological relaxing agent known to science."
--G.V. Sunnen, M.D.

StressIf You Suffer From Ongoing Stress Hypnosis Can Help!

At one time or another we’ve all felt the unpleasant effects of stress:

  • Your stomach is constantly in knots.
  • Your muscles are sore and tense.
  • You feel dog-tired a lot of the time.
  • You have that “red in the face” feeling from high blood pressure.
  • Most days you feel low and unhappy.
  • When you try to think of a solution or a way out, you go blank.

"Stress is taking a terrible toll on the nation’s health and economy. It is a heavy contributor to heart disease, cancer, respiratory distress, lupus and many other life threatening illnesses.”
 --Dr. Paul Rosch, Medical Scientist and Stress Expert

Over time, stress can do tremendous damage to your health and general sense of well being.

When your body is under stress, your cells actually change shape and become unhealthy. In turn, the delicate tissues in your body become more susceptible to free radical damage—the process that causes aging. Sickness and disease now have an “easy way in.”
It’s a dangerous cycle that leaves you vulnerable to countless health problems.

Living with constant stress will literally wear your body out. Stress hormones will weaken its ability to fight or prevent serious diseases—including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Not to mention making you more prone to colds, infections and other distressing illnesses.

“Stress hormones can badly upset the biochemical balances in our body. That can impair our immune system and leave us open to invasions of cancer cells and dangerous infections.”
 --Dr. Bruce McEwen, Former Director Rockefeller University’s Neuroendocrine Laboratory

It’s true. Stress kills.

Physical Damage

According to the American Medical Association, stress is a factor in more than 75% of sickness today. And according to the World Health Organization, stress is America’s #1 Health Problem.

And as a nation, we’re not very healthy. In 2001 alone heart disease killed an estimated 700,142 people (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The American Cancer Society Inc. reports an estimated 1.4 million new cases of cancer in 2005, with 570,280 people dying of cancer that same year. You can be sure that stress weakened the health protecting defenses of these unfortunate people.

Emotional Damage

WebMD estimates that 75% to 95% of all doctors’ visits are stress related. Being over-stressed can also lead to low work performance, sleep issues, absent-mindedness, decreased interest in life, addictions, and many other undesirable results.

Stress not only wears your body down physically, it also threatens your mental well being. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the most frequently prescribed class of prescription drug from a physician office visit is antidepressants. But the fact is that stress hormones trigger depression.  These “stress facts” are shocking. But you don’t have to be a statistic when you understand exactly how to stop stress from ruining your health and quality of life.

The Good News About Stress and the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis can be extremely effective in reducing or eliminating anxiety and stress. Our program teaches you how to adapt to stressful situations, relax existing anxieties, and create new ways of looking at the world. Each session helps relieve the physical and emotional sensations you experience when you are stressed or worrisome.  Hypnosis quiets the mind which in turn helps you remain calm and relaxed. Our stress program can assist you with releasing and eliminating negative habits and increase your self-confidence. 

Being able to manage stress and anxiety effectively will:

  • Increase your energy and focus
  • Allow you to deal effectively with authority, roles and limits
  • Increase your tolerance to frustration during difficult circumstances
  • Let you adapt to change and prosper from it
  • Help you to develop a sense of belonging
  • Let you show friendliness, care, and love
  • Allow you to enjoy recreation
  • Permit you to relax and sleep better
  • Free your sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself
  • Let you demonstrate a reasonable sense of independence and self-reliance


At Evolve Hypnosis we can assist you in gaining control over stress and anxiety related issues. Our individualized program is geared specifically to your needs.