At Evolve Hypnosis we are committed to helping you release dependence on nicotine. Unlike many programs, we don't require you to listen to a recorded CD every night for reinforcement. NOT NECESSARY!  


Smoking Cessation Packages~  

2 Session Program $290 Expect sessions to run approximately 50 minutes. Typically scheduled 1 week apart. 

4 Session Program $550 ($30 savings) --recommended for people who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes long and typically scheduled 1 week apart. 

Is our program right for you?

Our program has a very high rate of success. We've helped hundreds of people become non-smokers and we can help you too. Call today for a free phone evaluation.

fiftydollar-cigarette-200Smoking is expensive!

Think hypnosis is expensive? Smoking does more than hurt your health! It does a number on your wallet as well. The average smoker today spends between $125.00 to $250.00 per month on cigarettes.



How can hypnosis help you stop smoking?

SmokingEveryone knows the health benefits of becoming a non-smoker, but it is one of the toughest addictions to overcome. The use of hypnosis for smoking cessation is highly effective because it works directly with the subconscious mind to override the cravings caused by nicotine. Other smoking cessation programs are expensive and often unsuccessful because they don’t adequately address the physical, mental and emotional issues that are often associated with smoking. That is where hypnosis has the advantage. It not only addresses the cravings, but it strengthens the will-power and tackles the mental challenge that comes with kicking the habit.


Benefits of becoming a non-smoker:

  • Improved cardiac performance
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved respiratory and circulatory functions
  • Increased oxygen in blood
  • More energy
  • Increased endurance
  • Financial savings
  • Healthier & longer life

Why is it so hard to quit smoking on your own?

The answer is simple. When you stop smoking on your own using the cold turkey method, you are only using your conscious mind (will and determination). However, for most smokers, there is a habit or pattern or compulsion (in the subconscious mind) that is much stronger than your will and determination.

Therefore, the habit held in the subconscious mind will override your will and determination and make it a struggle for you to stop smoking on your own. The use of patches, pills, and gum may help the physical cravings, but not the habit.

Here’s the Good News!

Hypnosis goes straight to the subconscious mind and reprograms the habits and patterns. That’s why hypnosis is so effective for smoking cessation and can actually make it extremely easy for people to quit.  

If you are ready to make changes in your life and make the commitment to stop smoking,
call today for an appointment.

Stop Smoking

"If you are serious about quitting smoking don't hesitate to try this therapy. Quitting is much easier than I had hoped".  
Greg D.