Counseling at Evolve Hypnosis & Counseling Center

Would you like to manage your feelings, think clearly, 
relate lovingly to others
and truly enjoy life?

CounselingYou can do all of these things when you begin to honor the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  Rebecca Jeffers M.Ed., LPC offers an empowering type of counseling that puts you in control over your own life. You learn to love yourself and then you’re in a position to love your friends and family more fully and allow their love to restore and enrich you.

Struggles and conflicts, both internal and external, are part of life. Instead of fearing them she encourages you to use them as an opportunity for personal growth and much needed transition.
Counseling is the therapeutic process of identifying patterns that cause you the most pain and difficulty in your life and discovering where they come from. Then we go on to set new patterns that will ultimately serve you better.

Rebecca works hard to create a safe space where you focus on strengthening your self-concept, sharpening your decision-making skills and heightening your awareness of social factors in your choices. Her approach is very holistic, as together you look for balance and harmony in a physical, spiritual, personal and cultural context.

Are you ready to empower yourself and heal through personal growth?


Rebecca’s Philosophy on Healing

Rebecca JeffersOur society seems to view therapy as a matter of fixing what’s broken. I see it instead as a process that enhances our strengths. I believe we all come equipped with an exceptional sense of inner intuition, a sense of knowing that is intimately linked to our physical experience. Unfortunately, due to our upbringing and life experiences we often learn to disconnect from that in order to adapt and survive in our environment. Therapy can be the ritual with which we reconnect with our own inner experience embracing whatever arises within, with peaceful awareness and clear intention. In the process, we experience joy, grief, anger, gratitude, fear, pain, excitement – the full emotional range. And we often discover the strength of developing and cultivating an attitude of patient, loving presence that allows the emotions to flow according to their own natural rhythm

I truly believe that everyone has the inner resources within themselves to heal. No one is broken but there are times when we’re disconnected from ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. We heal in relationships—our relationship with our self, with our loved ones and with the world around us. Counseling with an emphasis on healing and wellness, allows us to reconnect with our inner-self. I believe healing can be a life-long process as we continue to look for ways to function at a higher level in relation to our world.

“My goal is that you know yourself with certainty and clarity. That you fully open to the beautiful wholeness of who you truly are and that you tap into your own intuitive wisdom to find the treasure waiting within. ”

  • Discover your path
  • Find greater meaning and purpose in your life
  • Live pro-actively, based on choices you make rather than reactively based on distortions you hold
  • Gain greater understanding of yourself in relation to the world and your place in it


"I began counseling with Rebecca several months ago for sexual abuse issues and already I feel like a different person. Rebecca goes straight to the heart of the matter. I’ve been to other counselors who only nodded their heads and didn’t give me any direction. Rebecca is a take charge person! She immediately helps you pinpoint the issues and lays out a strategy to proceed. Rebecca isn’t afraid to delve into the deep issues. She’s not into band aids, which is all I’ve gotten from previous counseling. Thank you so much Rebecca".  
Darlene M.
Fort Worth