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 Philip M. Lamb CH

Philip LambPhilip Lamb CH, Certified Consulting Hypnotist has over 30 years of study, training, and practice in hypnosis and the healing arts. He received his certification in Hypnosis through the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and offers non-medical hypnosis services that target the elimination of negative and unwanted habits. He is one of the highest reviewed hypnotists in the DFW area. He excels at helping people with smoking cessation, stop smoking,  and stress. After losing his mother to lung cancer he is even more dedicated to providing smokers with the tools to break the habit. His stress reduction program is highly effective at helping people relax, let go and refocus. 

With deep compassion and understanding, he tunes into the dynamic subconscious energy that goes directly to the heart of your issues and concerns. Whether you want to stop smoking, deal with fears, raise self-esteem, increase motivation and confidence, or work on personal growth Philip can assist you. He has a unique empathic ability to quickly discern what is at the heart of the matter and then formulating a plan to get the results you seek. He is excellent at helping clients with the release of old belief patterns while assisting them to gain self- confidence. Habitual thought and belief patterns can be at the core of lingering, chronic stress, low self-esteem, anger, and sadness, limiting one’s ability to experience happiness and life-satisfaction. 

Rebecca Jeffers, M.Ed., LPC (Owner)

Rebecca JeffersRebecca Jeffers M.Ed., LPC, CH (Owner)

Rebecca received her Master’s Degree in Education from Tarleton State University and specializes in transpersonal, wellness-oriented psychotherapy. She has a private practice in Fort Worth and is widely known and regarded for her two decades of work in women's and men's empowerment issues; as well as trauma, post-traumatic stress syndrome and dysfunctional family/addiction/codependency issues. In addition to offering individual and couples counseling,  she regularly offers her popular Path Of the Heart Weekend Intensive, women's retreats, and personal growth workshops. Rebecca is certified in hypnosis, and is also a popular online self-development teacher, speaker, workshop and retreat leader.


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Philip Lamb practices professional hypnosis which is not in the realm of medicine or psychology.
Our hypnosis is for self-improvement only. It is not provided for medical treatment or psychological counseling.
Disclaimer- There are no guarantees that hypnosis will work for you. Results vary person to person based on their desire and other factors.


"Philip was wonderful to work with. I was dealing with unpleasant military issues from the past as well as my current, high stress, corporate lifestyle. My family, health, and mental well being were at the stepping off place of a precipice. Philip took the time to dig into the root of many issues as opposed to just slapping a Band-aid on the symptoms. I was able to relax and gain the maximum benefit from the sessions. I am sleeping better, calmer and able to let the stresses of the day stay where they should, at the office. The result is a happier home, and healthier lifestyle all around.Thank you Philip".  

--Jeff B., 6/26/17, Google Review


"Are you ready to change your life and have power over food? I found Philip after not able to live another day being addicted to food/sugar starches. Philip explain to me a word I had never heard before called candida that rendered me powerless over these food items. After just one session I was able to stop the cycle of eating sugar and starches and feeling hungry all the time the result was I lost 18 pounds in one months time. I am continuing on my weight loss journey and feeling more powerful every day with thanks to Philip".  

--Sandra D. 6/19/17, Better Business Bureau


"I went to Philip due to anxiety. What a wonderful calming gentleman. My problem was unusual in that after being out of small airplanes for years, I wanted to return to flying a small Cessna 172 for a hobby. But after getting safely checked out in the Cessna, I got an anxiety attack every time I got near the Cessna. It made no sense. After the first hypnosis session with Philip I felt a little less anxiety. After the second one I felt that about half the anxiety was gone. And after the third session, it was like a dramatic cure. I went flying in the little Cessna and had a great time. Thanks to Philip I am enjoying my hobby again, stress free".  

--R. Lawrence, 5/20/17, Google Review


"I wanted to thank you for providing Phi;lip’s services. I have never been hypnotized before and it was a profound experience. I was so impressed, I purchased a package of four sessions when I had intended only two. I had the best nights sleep I have enjoyed in months and have a overall feeling of calm and well being today. I was much impressed and will recommend Phillip to my friends and colleagues".  

--Sue A., 3/21/17, Better Business Bureau


 (Individual results may vary from person to person)

"I had been suffering with migraines for over a year, at least one a week and sometimes lasting up to three days at a time. Dr 's tried various medicines, tests, scans and nothing was working. I started trying to find alternatives online and several sites recommended hypnosis for migraines so my husband suggested I try hypnosis since I had used hypnosis to stop smoking in 2003 (I have never had or wanted to smoke since, not even when people smoke around me). I researched several hypnotists and Philip was highly recommended. After my first appointment the stress was gone, the headaches stopped and I felt so much better! A lot of my problems stemmed from deep lying issues from my childhood and early life I had buried deep but were now causing so many physical problems including my migraines. Philip was able to help me deal with them and over come them without going back through everything. I am ecstatic to say I had four sessions with Philip and since my first session I have not had another migraine! I cannot tell you how wonderful life is now, I have a whole new outlook on life. If you are considering hypnosis, I have to tell you I highly recommend you make an appointment to see Philip! ".  

--Kathy P., Yahoo -Yelp, 6/29/16


"I Smoked for almost 60 years. Went to one session, walked out thinking I had wasted my money, smoked a few that I had, got up the next morning and have not smoked a cigarette since. It has been 3 months and I have not gone back for my second session. I had tried everything on the market trying to quit. If I find myself thinking a bout smoking, I just remind myself that I do not smoke. Amazing! M. A. Cleburne Tx".  

--MA , Better Business Bureau, 4/19/16


"Philip Lamb was a life saver. After one secession I have never smoked again. I have been smoke free for 10 months now even through a deployment. Thank you thank you thank you. I've saved $4000".  

--K. Hannah, Google, 4/10/16


"I can easily fall and stay asleep after my counseling and hypnosis sessions with Philip Lamb! Philip is a Godsend. He helped me with insomnia and self-esteem issues. These sessions are life altering and one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself or a loved one. #grateful #noregrets #betterlife ".  

--D. Garza, Google, 11/5/16


"I've had an awful upbringing, and it's caused so much headache and hardship in my life. After my first session with Philip I felt so much more comfortable in my skin, and didn't care what others think.

First Update: 3rd session 'social anxiety' is gone. It was gone since the first session. I am able to ask someone how their day is without being fearful of dealing with what they say back. I have stopped thinking of what I think people are thinking of me, and just be involved with my coworkers, friends, gf, and patients. My memory is better because I'm not thinking of myself but I'm more about the other person. I can laugh easier! I am so much more happy! I feel so free and happy I am forever grateful. This was the most important thing I have done in my life, right next to my nursing degree.

Original review: I felt more confident in the way I rarely feel. I still felt a little residual self consciousness, but very subdued. I have 3 more sessions and I'm very excited to see where this will take me. I will update with more sessions". 

--L. Mahi, Google 3/16/16


 (Individual results may vary from person to person)

"I took my 16 year old daughter to try and help her decrease her anxiety which at times would cause her to be sick and unable to eat, very debilitating for her. She had two sessions and is now a totally different kid, happy, eating and enjoying life free of the anxiety she once carried. It really helped her. I'm glad we found this place".  

--K. Kubes, Google, 1/5/16


"I decided to try hypnosis and found Philip and discovered that I loved it!! It opened me up to a whole other world. The energy and passion that Evolve puts into the work is amazing! I will continue to explore the new things this has shown me. I would highly recommend Evolve Hypnosis to all of my friends and family who may be struggling in their lives! It is a great program and I will always come see him with any issues I ever come across!!"  

--C. Peddicord, Google 12/15/15


"I had a life changing experience with Philip at evolve hypnosis center. I am finally at peace and can take charge of my life at last".

--Heather, Better Business Bureau 5/18/15


"I brought my 14 year old daughter to Evolve. They are very friendly and welcoming. My daughter is a gymnast and was having fear and anxiety when tumbling backwards on the floor or beam. We had two session and after the first session we saw remarkable improvement. Her coach even said she has confident look on her face when she starts a routine. She seems more confident to try things that otherwise would have terrified her. Phillip made our first time experience with hypnosis very comfortable".  

--C. D., Better Business Bureau, 2/10/15


 "I did the first session to quit smoking and Philip did a great job. Have not picked one up since. Thanks and great job". 

--Adam M., Better Business Bureau, 10/20/14


 (Individual results may vary from person to person)

"I have been going to Philip off and on for 3 years for hypnosis. They offer extremely personable and effective hypnosis. They absolutely have helped me with stress, insomnia, and high blood pressure issues. Recently after a very stressful few months I returned and already I feel better. I would highly recommend Evolve Hypnosis with no reservations".  

--Helen, Yelp/Yahoo 10/11/14


"I brought my 8 year old daughter to Evolve for Hypnosis to help her eat. She is an extremely picky eater and I have been struggling to get her to eat much of anything healthy for 2 years. After working 4 sessions with him,  one per week for four weeks straight... We have started to see not only positive results in her trying new foods, but also in her overall school performance and her general attitude. My daughter is very head strong and was mentally fighting the hypnosis the first session Philip did not give up on her. I am sure it was mentally taxing for him, as well as her. After the first session, the following three were easier on both of them. I was in every session with them. My decision to start hypnosis with my daughter was not an easy one for me. I struggled with the idea for over a year before I finally made our first appointment. I am very happy I finally made our appointment and brought my daughter to help get her eating habits to a healthy place. We are not to a full eating/diet turn around, but we are on our way and she has begun to try new foods that she would have never eaten before hypnosis. Our last session was 2 days ago, and we have had 4 new foods tried, eaten and liked since we started the process. Both my daughter and I are extremely happy with our experience with Philip and Evolve Hypnosis & Wellness Center. I highly recommend both"!  

--Betsy, Better Business Bureau Review 9/21/14


"I've had two hypnotherapy sessions with Evolve and cannot believe the difference the sessions have made. Before the hypnosis I had panic attacks and suffered from depression. After the sessions I immediately felt like a weight was lifted from me. I have more energy and a much better outlook on life. I've gone from multiple panic attacks per weeks to mild anxiety once since the sessions. He took the time to get to know my situation and make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Evolve".  

--Stephanie B., Yahoo Review 5/15/14


"I have had 4 sessions at Evolve Hypnosis for weight loss. They really take the time to get to know you so that they can work with your areas of concern during the hypnosis session. Each session I have come away with new insight into my overeating and how to handle the stresses of everyday life. The take home cd they offer is very useful. I listen to it at bedtime and it really helps me relax and forget the stresses of the day. I was skeptical of hypnosis when making the appointment but after the first session I knew I had made the right decision".  

--Cindy, Better Business Review 1/16/14


"I had three hypnosis sessions to help me relax. I was dealing with a lot of physical pain, and being tense from the pain wasn't helping. I felt relaxed after my first session. Each additional session helped me relax more. The CD for relaxation also helped immensely. I would listen to it every night before bed and during the day when I was having a stressful day. I would recommend Evolve Hypnosis for those wanting to relax more".  

--Dawn, Yahoo Review 8/19/13


 (Individual results may vary from person to person)

"After reading a book on hypnotherapy I decided to try Evolve Hypnosis & Wellness Center for my “excessive drinking”. I drank 5 to 9 glasses of wine 7 days a week and had been abusing alcohol for 25 years. After one session I was able to stop drinking completely. The insatiable craving, the actual physical need was gone. I continued on with 5 more sessions to help with the mental, habitual desire that lingered a bit longer. I feel as if I have been reborn. I am once again the bright-eyed, vibrant wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt who has been away for so, so long. I will be eternally grateful". (Individual results may vary)

--Mary, Yahoo Review 4/26/13


"I have done 3/5 hypnosis sessions with Philip Lamb.  After the first session, I was definitely much calmer. After the second session, actually during the 2nd session, I felt the pain that radiated from my shoulder to my elbow from the stress I had in my shoulders (that I have spent hundreds of dollars at a massage therapist for) completely go away and has been that way for over 2 weeks. After the third session, when I asked to improve my overall attitude, I completely feel more carefree, less judgmental, wake up bright-eyed, ready for the day, even cooking breakfast for my husband on a weekday for the first time in 9 years because I didn't feel like sleeping until the last second possible. This service has completely changed my life, and even given me direction. They recommended 4 sessions for my stress/anxiety/attitude, which I am sure would correct my situation, but I am actually looking forward to more. When leaving, I feel I like I've been to a counselor, massage therapist, and yoga session all in one. Completely worth it for such a life-changing experience". 

--Katy S., Google Review 2013


"If I could give a better review I would. I went to Evolve Hypnosis for anxiety issues. Unlike most, I would have anxiety attacks after a massage or time of relaxation. I tried medication but they were just temporary relief. Come to find out I never felt safe. I was spending enormous amounts of energy trying to know all my surroundings and control every aspect of my life. I didn't want to be at home alone, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't focus at work. I was eating horrible food for energy and I was exhausted! After 1 session Philip Lamb was able to help create a safe place internally. My chest pain was gone. After session two I could actually recognize what made me uncomfortable. I was feeling calm and safe . After session 3 I was completely comfortable. I was sleeping normally, I enjoyed alone time in my apartment. I was able to allow my sister to take control of appointments for my wedding. I was even more focused and productive at work. I was working day to day instead of week to week. Session four and five helped implement this to a long term solution and I had changed my diet and lost 20 lbs..If you want a solution this is it"! 

--Laci L., Google Review 2013


"I am truly pleased with my time with at Evolve Hypnosis & Wellness Center. My hypnotist is a kind and caring person. I went to Evolve to overcome my addiction to Coca Cola and to address my IBS concerns and we have been successful. Ultimately not drinking Cokes has allowed me a much healthier life. I had what doctors said was IBS but since I have worked Evolve Hypnosis and stopped drinking Cokes those symptoms have almost disappeared, my blood pressure medication has been reduced by one half, and overall I feel great!!! It has truly been a life changer for me"!  

--Trudy S., Better Business Bureau 11/26/12


"If you're serious about quitting smoking then don't hesitate to try this therapy. Quitting is much easier than I had hoped".  

--Greg D. Yahoo review 3/15/12