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Professional Hypnosis for adults and children (over age 10).

Hypnosis Rates
  • 2 Session Package $290
  • 4 Session Package $550 ($30 savings)
  • We offer a 2 session minimum package for any hypnosis service.
    Many issues are resolved in 2 sessions, however, some issues will be better addressed in 4 sessions including stress and anxiety, weight loss and long term issues.
  • You can always begin with 2 sessions.
  • Expect an initial hypnosis session for any service other than smoking cessation to run approximately 1 hour 15 minutes; follow-up sessions and smoking cessation sessions are approximately 50 minutes. Sessions are typically scheduled one week apart.
  • We now offer online scheduling!
Make Changes.  Whenever you want to make radical changes to improve your life -- and that change requires changing programmed opinions, self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that are hardwired within you -- it is a challenging task, to say the least! But what if ....instead of using willpower and discipline, you could bypass your conscious mind, access your sub-conscious and unconscious mind directly, and redirect it to create the long-lasting changes you desire? If you want to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Relieve Stress, gain peace and perspective with your past, improve your relationships, increase confidence and motivation, or simply feel better, we can help.

Save Time.  Many hypnotists record sessions and then advise you to listen to this cd daily for reinforcement. This is very time-consuming. Our methods utilize the latest advances and the majority of our programs do not require you to listen to CDs. The protocol used at our center is not only highly effective, but also an individualized, quick and reliable method to affect the changes you want to the sub-conscious mind. Call today and begin the next chapter in your life!


Disclaimer: We practice professional hypnosis which is not in the realm of medicine or psychology. Our hypnosis services are for self-improvement only. It is not provided for medical treatment or psychological counseling. There is no guarantee hypnosis will work for you. Results may vary from person to person based on desire and other factors. We are consistently one of the highest-reviewed hypnosis centers in the DFW area. 

Still, have questions about hypnosis? Please read our FAQ section.